Ternion Quartet

Ternion Quartet is fronted by two amazing improvisors, alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard (risingstar, DownBeat Magazine 2015 & 2017) and trombonist Geoffroy De Masure (professor at The Jazz Institute of Berlin), and is brilliantly supported, buoyed and propelled by Ms. Iversen and friend and colleague from NYC, the German-born drummer Roland Schneider. 

Ternion Quartet’s sophomore album, Invincible Nimbus (May 10, 2019), which showcases an ensemble of highly-creative, accomplished artists utterly in tune and musically enamored with one another, stretching out their seemingly inexhaustible imaginations, is about selflessness and being open to dialogue.

Selected press on Invincible Nimbus:

"Melodically complex, Iversen’s deliberately scattered musical lines evoke bright, expressionistic images and inspire sophisticated improvisations from the Ternion Quartet; with Iverson at the helm, each player telegraphs confidence and daring as a soloist. The excitement lies in the ever-shifting mix of musical ideas that this skilled group generates." —Suzanne Lorge (Downbeat, The Hot Box)

"Hard swinging, full-on buoyancy, deep intersections, fluid curves, unabashed zest–OK, you get the point. The bassist’s foursome sounds bigger than it is because it’s always reaching out for more music to grab." —Jim Macnie (Downbeat, The Hot Box)

"Cerebral enough to keep your ears perked, swinging enough to keep your feet tapping while consistently boasting humor and wit; the music bewitches on multiple levels." —John Murph (Downbeat, The Hot Box)

"If you liked Dave Holland’s ebullient ’80s quartet, you’ll love this album by Danish bassist Anne Mette Iversen’s Ternion Quartet. ough not derivative, Ternion’s inside-outside free-bop recalls Holland’s playfulness, swinging momen- tum, fondness for unusual meters and delight- fully exposed horn lines, unanchored by a chord- al instrument." - Paul de Barros (Downbeat, The Hot Box)

"You can hear delight throughout Invincible Nimbus, from the intelligently-formed compositions to the often-witty interplay, in the cleanly-recorded sounds of the Ternion Quartet and the adventurous manner in which each musician adds her or his voice to the ensemble." - Richard B. Kamins (Step Tempest) 

"It’s good to see an immediately interesting group become a working band and this album is even more creative than their debut." - Phil Freeman, NYCJR

Their debut album ’Ternion Quartet’ (April 2017) was on the long list of Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik (Long List 3/2017), and on the list of 10 best jazz releases of 2017 by Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske, DK. 

Selected press on Ternion Quartet:

„Thoroughly compelling and wholly rewarding material.“ - Downbeat Magazine, Yoshi Kato 

“…more playfull and less controlled than any of her previous ensembles, reveling in the hopscotch jousts and tonal contrasts between alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard and Geoffroy De Masure on tenor and bass trombones. The spongy fills from drummer Roland Schneider and Iversen’s steady, stentorian basslines provide the right amount of caulk and spacing.”   Editor’s Pick  -  JazzTimes, Britt Robson
"The music is virtuosic and engaging, demanding attention from the listener. Especially exciting are the musical dialogues between the trombone and the alto saxophone; as they engage in discussion, 'fights'  and then come together again. Also the solos from all the musicians are from the top shelf".  ****** stars (=phenomenal) - HuGe, Er-em-online.de
”We are far away from nostalgia; everything is unconditionally here and now. The inspiring compositions act as springboard for the comprehensive and surprising improvisations of the musicians.”  ***** stars (5/6) -  Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske (DK)



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