Anne Mette Iversen Quartet

Anne Mette Iversen Quartet consists of highly esteemed and world travelled musicians from the New York jazz scene; saxophonist John Ellis, pianist Danny Grissett and drummer Otis Brown III, plus Iversen herself. Established in New York Coty in 2002, the musical relationship and the improvisational rapport of its musicians have developed to the supreme. Together they have toured in the US and Europe and performed at major jazz venues and jazz festivals; and they have recorded 7 albums. Three (3) as quartet and being the foundation in two of Anne Mette's other groups; two (2) with each Anne Mette Iversen Quartet +1 and Double Life. All albums have been received to critical acclaim. 

The Anne Mette Iversen Quartet has gained a reputation for their consistently engaging live performances, and for being true to jazz music in spirit, feeling and originality. They do not necessarily “play” the music; this band speaks through the music, they live the music. Because the musicians know each other so well, they have developed an intuitive understanding of each others' musical language and personality, and are able to let the music grow and take off in new directions every night. 

The press on Anne Mette Iversen Quartet:

Iversen’s intelligent writing style organically balances intricate, through-composed ensemble playing and wide-open improvisation in a chamberjazz aesthetic...this sharp outfit is definitely one to check out."  - Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

"Absolutely electrifying...adventurous tunes with plenty of room for superb solos."  - The Rochester City Paper

"Iversen has a certain vocabulary and meditation with this group that is unique among even the longest running quartets/ensembles ... Anne Mette Iversen is no longer an up and coming bassist/composer, she is part of the next standard in jazz"  - Stephan Moore, JazzWrap

"A powerful artistic achievement, a jazz musician's/-composer's manifestation."  - Ivan Rod, GAFFA

"There is an amazing amount of variety in this inspired extrapolation on a child's inspiration. Interplay within the quartet is consistently alive on a high plane of delight and imaginative nerve." - The Indianapolis Star


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