Composing for Norrbotten Big Band


 Throughout 2016 I have the good fortune of writing new music for Norrbotten Big Band (S). Four times this year I am visiting them in Luleå; rehearsing ideas, rehearsing parts and sections of the new music, trying out  sounds and approaches, and receiving inputs from all the great musicians in the band. Then I go home and write more music, develop the ideas I like and give free flow to the inspiration and new ideas that comes around. On November 12, we end this project with a concert and live-transmission on Swedish National Radio with 80 minutes of new music written specifically for - and with - Norrbotten Big Band. 

Currently being half ways through I testify that I love this process, and I am really thankful to get the opportunity to work with this amazing band, in exactly this way. It is a wonderful puzzle I am solving; finding the right balance between my musical visons and ambitions for the project and the strengths and capabilities of the band AND the individual indentities of the outstanding musicians in the band.

And now: - back to writing:)



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