Double Life Recording

Read more...It must be time, now, to tell you a little bit about the recent recording with Double Life. We, AMI Quartet, or should I say AMI quintet as we had the great pleasure of playing with trombonist Peter Dahlgren join us for this project, plus the string quartet 4Corners; spent 6 days together, in Copenhagen, DK, to rehearse and record  the new piece of music I have been writing on, - in selected periods -, over the last 4 years. It was really great fun, and we all enjoy each others musical company, and friendship, so much, that how could it not be fun!  And I am simply just thrilled to have these 8 excellent musicians performing my music!!! The warmth, the richness, the playfulness, the depth, the energy, and so on....they put it all into the music, and make it live. 

Now, a few weeks later, I am listening to the takes from the studio. First of all: they sound good! And second: it sounds like it will be easy to select and mix this album, which is great and meaning we probably can expect to release by February 2014. 

We also played a couple of quintet concerts while we were there. One in Copenhagen, at a sweet new venue: Amagerbro Jazz and one in Helsingborg, produced by the society Jazz i Helsingborg. Those too were great, and really fun. Peter and his trombone is a great addition to my quartet music as well. I might have to consider putting out a quintet album also!  

Stay tunes here - I will give you opdates as we go along. And maybe I can even find some good pics for you. Until then, Anne Mette

BJU Ensemble Tour of Spain

More good news!


The Brooklyn Jazz underground Ensemble has confirmed a tour of Spain in December 2013. Look out for us in Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona:)

Count down




Countdown starts today for the upcoming Double Life project. In exactly a week we will meet in Copenhagen to rehearse and record the new album with Double Life and trombonist Peter Dahlgren. And I can not wait!!! 

And for all of you in the area, we are also playing two concerts with my quartet from NYC and with guest Peter Dahlgren. Friday evening, Sept 27, at Kvarterhuset, Amagerbro Jazz in Copenhagen, and Saturday afternoon, Sept 28, at Cafe Annorledos, Jazz i Helsingborg, in Helsingborgm Sweden. The details are listed in the calendar.  

Romantic meets Jazz

Read more...This coming weekend I am playing two concerts in Berlin.

In collaboration with the choirs from Kirche Herz Jesu Tegel, professionel soloists, professionel string players and a small student string orchestra, we will perform pieces by Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy and new music that I have written. 

This is a really special setting, an honor and a unique experience for me, to be programmed alongside a master like Mendelsohn. I hope some of you will be able to check it out.

There are two chances; Saturday and Sunday, and you can find the details under the Live tab.

Double Life



Three weeks before the recording and the music is done! Really looking forward to this; to play with 4Corners and the amazing Peter Dahlgren again. It has been too long:)








The new Double Life recording

It's shaping up, the new Double Life recording. The music, the logistics, the gigs, the studio, etc. It's a nice feeling and I am looking forward!  Ok, maybe the money is haning a little, but when are they not!, and that never stops me...

We are playing a very special concert in Copenhagen, on Sept 27th, so check back in for more info on that soon. 


New York




I came back a few days ago, from a great trip to NYC. It was all about music, 200%, - a luxury that is not my everyday treat, given my two little turbo-sons! :-)   

I played a really fun concert with my quartet at An Die Musik in Baltimore, with John Ellis, Otis Brown III and Dan Tepfer. If NYC wasn't like coming home (underline the 'if') then this night was. When great musicians perform my music with such expression, richness and generosity, then I feel more at home than anywhere in the world. Thanks guys!

The BJU Ensemble then rehearsed a number of times. Unfortunately our gig on Sunday before the recording was cancelled, as the basement at Sycamore, where the weekly BJU concert series has been running for some years, has been shut down for music. We then went into the Bunker Studio on Wednesday June 12, to record a new collective album, and my feeling is this is something to look forward to. The recording went well and everyone's music - we each contributed with one 'normal' tune and one 'short' tune - was really greatly written and fit to the band. 

Then I also took care of some music business which I can tell you more about later. But for now, a nice week of great fun and great to see a lot of friends again. 


BJU records again!

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground Ensemble is getting ready to record the follow-up album to last years success 'A Portrait of Brooklyn'. Our prep-performance this coming Sunday, June 9, at Sycamore might be moved due to a water-damage at the venue, so stay tuned for updates on the location. And I am looking forward to both the music and to record at the new Bunker Studios, which I expect to be an excellent experience:)



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