Anne Mette Iversen Quartet

Anne Mette Iversen Quartet has played and performed together for over eight years. Consisting of amazing musicians and improvisors; saxophonist John Ellis, pianist Danny Grissett and drummer Otis Brown III, plus Iversen herself, the band it includes some of the most sought-after young musicians on the jazz scene today. Together they have recorded and released 4 albums, that have been unanimously received with high praise from all corners of the world.


What the critics say:

"Absolutely electrifying...adventurous tunes with plenty of room for superb solos."       - The Rochester City Paper

"...this sharp outfit is definitely one to check out."    - Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

"With three [five] stellar albums already under her belt and a quartet that has remained intact for well over five [eight] years, Iversen has a certain vocabulary and meditation with this group that is unique among even the longest running quartets/ensembles."       - Stephan Moore, JazzWrap

"Anne Mette Iversen is no longer an up and coming bassist/composer, she is part of the next standard in jazz"..."'Milo Songs' is a definite must listen for everyone." - Stephan Moore, JazzWrap

"A powerful artistic achievement, a jazz musician's/-composer's manifestation."           - GAFFA

"There's an amazing amount of variety in this inspired extrapolation on a child's inspiration. Interplay within the quartet is consistently alive on a high plane of delight and imaginative nerve." - The Indianapolis Star

"Child's Worlds with Iversen taking a solo might be the highpoint of this excellent set with Grissett and Ellis shining as well and Brown being terrifiic in pushing this performance forward." - In a Blue Moon.




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